NWA Photo Booth – Top 4 Neon Signs to Add to Your Booth

If you’re looking for GREAT wedding rentals in Northwest Arkansas, you’ve found the right blog! Over here at NWA Photo Booth, we love a good neon sign add on. Neon signs have become quite trendy in the past year and we most aren’t complaining! These added to the photo booth add a fun touch of words and light behind your photos. Wether it be “Love You More” for weddings, or “Let’s Get This Party Started” we’ve got you covered when it comes to neon! We service all areas of Northwest Arkansas! The best part about our neon signs that you DO NOT have to book or work with NWA Photo Booth to rent and use them! Event planning isn’t easy, but we are about to make it a whole lot easier with our neon sign event rental(s)!

Why Do I Need to Rent a Neon Sign Instead of Buying One?

We tell our couples to rent for events rather than buy for a few reasons. The biggest one being PRICE! You’re going to use your neon sign at your wedding one time, more than likely. Neon signs are no cheap feat. Most of our neon signs are between $500-$1200. To rent a neon sign for your wedding from us, you’re looking at a price tag of $50-$100! WHOA SAVINGS!

Let’s Get This Party Started


Let’s Get This Party Started is perfect for SO MANY occasions. We use this at weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, and we also used it at a sorority event. It would be ADORABLE at your wedding because of course, we are there to get the party started!

In the photo to the right, we are at Osage House in Northwest Arkansas. This venue is INCREDIBLE for all of life’s events because of its modern and elegant aesthetic.We are one of Osage House’s preferred vendors. And what that means is if you book us for your wedding, you will receive a 10% discount for working with us!

This sign is available to rent by itself or in collaboration with NWA Photo Booth. You can check out The Neon Chicken Sign Rentals to see more of our signs as well! We are a locally owned wedding company that has so many things to offer when it comes to your wedding day!

Love You More


One of our more simple rentals, but oh SO cute! This sign pairs well with any kind of event at any event but we sure love to see it a pretty wedding!

makes for the cutest backdrop for your guests selfies

We have paired it on our copper pipe for this event to add a little extra pizzazz. Little details go a VERY long way on wedding days. Our generation has all come to appreciate little details.

Flowers by: DARLING BLOOMS we LOVE working with her. She’s incredible at creating flower installs and making any occasion brighter

Crazy In Love

We LOVE this sign connected to a backdrop for a cute selfie or near the bar or behind the couple’s sweetheart table.

This sign paired with our flower walls (specifically the boho babe one!) is a sight! It’s the perfect pair for a wedding day and that picture perfect moment.

You can check out one of our posts on Instagram, HERE, to see what we are referring to when we talk about our flower walls.

To The Moon & Back

A personal favorite around here! This sign is so UNIQUE and we haven’t seen another neon sign quite like it yet, so of course we HAD to add it to our inventory of rentals! We have all the sweet little sayings we say to our other half and I’m bound to put money that you’ve told your significant other you move them to the moon and back before!

We have paired this on our greenery wall before and it looks INCREDIBLE.

Scroll down to to see what we are talking about

Useful EQUIPMENT for hanging LED Neon Signs

Neon Sign Dimmer (between $7-$10) – this is GREAT to have when using neon with your photo booth rental. Dim the neon a bit so the neon doesn’t blow out the image being taken.
S Hook Bird Hooks **ON SALE RIGHT NOW** (between $1-$3)- A best kept secret for hanging neon signs. These work best with almost any backdrop stand. Don’t forget the fishing line. We linked the best kind that we have found below.
Monofilament Fishing Line ($10-$15. Can use for 30+ projects)- We like 30 pound the best and found the thickness of the string to be easiest to work with as well.
Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand – 10X10 ft kit is what we have. It is adjustable and makes lifting everything so much easier.

SEE HOW CUTE IT LOOKS ON THE HEDGE WALL? But while we are here, you can also see how cute Lets Get The Party Started is on our Boho Babe wall!

All of our floral walls are available to rent with NWA Photo Booth or alone for an event in Northwest Arkansas.

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