3 Tips To Make Your Photo Booth Successful

3 Tips To Make Your Photo Booth Successful

How do I get my guests to actually get behind the photo booth? Luckily for you we have plenty of experience here at NWA Photo Booth getting guests to enjoy their time in the booth and we can help you get them in there! Having a photo booth is a fun and spunky touch to add to your day but what’s the fun if you don’t get any memories along with it?!

Have the DJ Announce that the Booth is Now Open

If you want guests to get behind the booth, they are going to need to know that it is actually open! Having an announcement at the beginning and towards the middle of the night that the booth is up and going will lead them in the right direction.

Guests gather around NWA Photo Booth at a recent wedding in Northwest Arkansas. They are posing and being silly, throwing their arms up and smiling.

At NWA Photo Booth, we make sure to get your vendors involved! If all of your wedding vendors are working together, your wedding is FLAWLESS. NWA Photo Booth makes sure to introduce themselves to your DJ as soon as possible. Your DJ is your weddings tour guide for the night and in control of the mic.

Communicating with the DJ is IMPERATIVE for your photo booth to be successful. We let your DJ know when we are open and ready for the party. We remind them after 1 hour to make another announcement and then we let him know when to make a ’15 more minutes until NWA Photo Booth leaves’ announcement.

Put your photo Booth rental in a highly Visible location

Sounds simple and like it might not be a big deal…BUT IT TOTALLY IS. A photo booth doesn’t need to be something guests look over since you invested in it for your wedding day. Make sure to leave an open space somewhere that guests will be drawn too and very visible!

We recommend placing NWA Photo Booth:
-Near the dance floor
-Near the bar
-Near the DJ

Having us in the same room as the DJ also helps. In our experience we have noticed that your guests are where the music is.

Two women are posing in front of NWA Photo Booth and cheering their drinks from Mint 2 Mix together in front of our gold sequin backdrop that is decorated in a Neon Sign that read Foreva Eva? Foreva Eva!
WedbyMeg team stands in front of NWA Photo Booth at Osage House posing for a photo and smiling.
Couple stands in front of NWA Photo Booth at Osage House posing for a photo and kissing.

Make sure to get involved as the host

Technically you’re the host of your party! Which means if you get involved with the photo booth yourself your guests are SO much more likely to hop right in too! Getting in front of the camera for a few seconds for a few seconds to dance around and have a good time will draw your guests in and spark their interest as well! PLUS how cute would it be to have a little photo strip on your fridge all dressed up at your wedding?!

From personal experience, the guests go CRAZY for the couple when they jump in front of Northwest Arkansas Photo Booth. Your guests get so excited and jump in with you. They came to your wedding to celebrate YOU and are SO excited to get a photo with you that GETS PRINTED off for them to take home! It’s really the sweetest thing to watch really.

a bride and bridesmaid at a wedding at Kindred Barn stand in front of Northwest Arkansas Photo booth and take a photo together
Photo taken by Heath Whorton – click photo to see more of his work

Weddings are one of the few times in life that so many of our friends and family are together. your wedding is the perfect time to create memories and capture them in picture form to keep forever. beyond that, it’s such a treat to be able to gift those friends and family members with prints of their photos, letting that moment live forever and ever.

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