Why Do Corporate Events Use Photo Booths

When organizing a business event, finding a photo booth company that can wow both new and old clients with an unforgettable experience is a must. At an event where introduce your newest product, service, or experience, branding is critical.

There are 5 great reasons why you should include a photo booth at your corporate event:

  • Brand Activation Throughout the Event
  • Engagement with Your Attendees
  • Maximum Exposure of Your Brand and Event
  • You are Able to Utilize the Booth in Any Location, at Any Time
  • Social Sharing Tools for Marketing Teams

Brand Activation Throughout The Event

Make a strong first impression with a photo booth setup that will catch the attention of your visitors and establish the tone for your event. Customizable photo booths, backdrops, and add-on features may be used to display your brand identity, event theme, possibly even a new product launch.

Make use of branding throughout the event and keep it consistent with customized backdrops and photo booth wraps, as well as printed physical photos and any unique social share pages for a complete activation. Corporate events featuring photo booths improve brand awareness and allow event guests to connect directly with company logos.

Engagement with Your Attendees

Entertainment is key, and a photo booth creates an exciting experience that will be remembered by all of your guests. A photo booth is also a fantastic way for potential clients to get involved with your celebration.

Allow people to let go and express themselves in what might otherwise be a formal setting. The interactivity of the picture booths provides a fun-filled, laughter-inducing experience that will create lasting memories and make visitors want to come back again and again.

Maximum Exposure of Your Brand and Event

A customized share page with shortcuts will allow you to post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Email instantly, meaning your brand activation can reach more people. The ability to include a logo, watermark, or QR code on photos distributed from the photo booth also guarantees that your brand will be seen by everyone.

You are Able to Utilize the Booth in Any Location, at Any Time

A corporate event photo booth also provides a memorable experience for your guests by utilizing the latest technology to create photo booths with moving elements. Photo booths offer new ways to engage with potential and current customers. A corporate photo booth can be utilized at any type of event, such as product launches, holiday parties, customer appreciation days, grand openings, and more.

Social Sharing Tools for Marketing Teams

A corporate photo booth will provide marketing teams unique opportunities in the following ways:

Providing Marketing Teams with New Contacts From the Photo Booth Brand Activation

When corporate event guests use the photo booth, their contact information, whether by phone or email, is saved to be utilized later. This provides marketing teams with lists of possible customers who are engaged and familiar with your brand and can be added to the strategy of warm calling.

According to this LinkedIn article, warm calling increases success rate over cold calling from 2% to 30%!

Push Your Brand Within the Booth

The booth also provides you with several creative ways to market your company:

  • Custom branded start screens
  • Custom branded photos relevant to your event
  • QR codes located on printed and digital photos
  • Hyperlinks on the printed or digital photos
  • Ability to provide more information within digital photo sharing
  • Showcasing brand through custom backdrop
  • Showcasing brand through custom branded photo booth wrap
  • Enhance brand engagement through social media sharing

See our Photo Booth at a Corporate Event

Here is an example of NWA Photo Booth in action at a corporate event! The photos below are from the Million Mile Moment that J.B. Hunt holds every year for their drivers.

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