The Process of Hiring a Photo Booth Rental Company

Many people often ask us “What is the process of actually booking a photo booth?” and it really is more simple than most think!

A photo booth can be a fantastic addition to a wedding reception, birthday, graduation, corporate events, YOU NAME IT! It’s not only a wonderful memento for your guests, but it’s also an excellent way to take a break from the dance floor.

Photo booths are unique, engaging and interactive. They bring people together in a way that most other things cannot!

When you book one of NWA Photo Booth’s photo booths, we will work with you to ensure that your event is one to remember! We have a wide variety of photo booths, props, backdrops and additional decor to choose from to make your event extra special. We understand that photo booths for events are an investment and we take that seriously and ensure top quality!

Now let’s take a look into the photo booth hiring process!

STEP 1: Know You Want To Book A Photo Booth Rental Company

So the first step is KNOWING that you want to invest in a photo booth rental for your party!

There are several companies to choose from today which means the options are endless when it comes to knowing what you want your photo booth to look like, or how long you want it at your event.

Most rental companies will have a wide variety of photo booths and props to choose from to make your event extra special.

Two examples of photo booth rentals that make great selfie stations.

Do Your Research & Compare Companies: What do they offer?

When it comes to research, this is probably the most important part when booking ANYTHING for your event!

The BEST way to begin researching companies is checking their:

If you have an idea of what you would like your photo booth or backdrop to look like, checking the Instagram account of local companies is extremely helpful in visualizing if they match the energy you are wanting.

. Do you want the photo booth rental company who has only worked 5 weddings or 50? Also, when thinking about the best photo booth to hire, they will more than likely have a good team of employees and photo booth attendants to be able to service the equipment during your event.

High Quality Photos & Photo Booth Guest Book

The quality of the images is another major factor to think about when considering who to hire. Is this a digital photo booth only or are photo booth prints included? Is there an option to add a custom guest book? The ability to text or email photo booth photos instantly can be very important to determining value in photo booth pricing.

Friends and Family Reviews for Picking Photo Booth Rental Company

Another way to start researching a photo booth company, is by asking friends and family who have recently gotten married if they had a photo booth at their wedding. More than likely, they did! The photo booth business is booming, making the search for a rental a bit easier and more accessible!

Good questions to ask someone who had a photo booth at their event:

  • Did they enjoy it?
  • Was the photo booth easy to use?
  • Was the photo booth attendant helpful and accommodating?
  • Was it intuitive for wedding guests to text or email photos to themselves?
  • Did the photo booth rental setup match the wedding theme?

These are all important factors to keep in mind when considering a photo booth company.

A bride and her best friend using NWA Photo Booth while at a wedding in Northwest Arkansas. They are standing in front of our gold sequin backdrop while cheering their drinks together and giggling.

STEP 2: Discuss: Package, Budget, Event Date, Venue

After searching for your ideal company, check their domain to learn about packaging, date, venues, etc!

First is which package you would like at your event. We personally offer 3 packages at NWA Photo Booth. Simple, essential, & ultimate. Each package has their own unique features but each fit into events in their own way.

You may have a few questions about each package and the services that we offer; thats normal! That’s where the next step begins!

STEP 3: Inquire, Booking HIRE

While you are on the web address of the photo booth company you would like to work with, click the links you to see to either contact them or inquire about the package you are interested in or to ask questions!

More popular photo booths in your area may not have your event date available so it is always good to have a backup company who also fits your style. There are plenty of businesses out there to fit your date, budget, and style!

THE BEST WAY to get in touch with a company is through their website or their email address. A photo booth business may have more than one person on their instagram or social media accounts; the best way to ensure you are talking to the MOST IDEAL person to book your events with is through their email address more than likely.

Once you’ve asked all the questions what is next?

Our photo booths are customizable in may ways – this is the portion of the process where we get to work on customizing the experience for our customers (you!). We LOVE being able to create a fun and immersive event for you. Our goal is provide exceptional quality every time!

Our team has a list of steps to go through after you’ve booked our photo booth rental services!

Next, we discuss:

  • We ask for any materials that match your events décor to begin designing the template for your prints and overlay
  • What backdrop would work best for your event
  • Picking your neon sign
  • We discuss if you want a custom start screen, or if this isn’t at the top of your list
  • If a custom guestbook is ordered with us, we gather information for that to get it printed
  • We speak about your photo layout and the timeline for your event
  • The 2-4 weeks before your event we get back in touch with you to confirm the hire time, layout and template for your prints!

Pick Photo Booth Details:


There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to choosing a photo booth background. From full on sparkles to the simplest solid backdrop there is something for everyone. Not to mention the more simple you go with the background the more you are able to dress it up!

We have 3 different backdrop stands to accommodate our huge array of backdrops.

Neon Signs

Neon signs have been all the rage in the last year or so and we definitely think they add the perfect touch to any photo booth backdrop for your special event.

The options are endless when dressing up the backdrop!

Having a neon sign helps draw eyes to the photo booth as well! We definitely want your guests to be able to see the photo booth well, leading them to go snap some selfies through the night. Neon REALLY helps with this since it’s bright and inviting.

Check out some signs that we have available to add on to your photo booths backdrop!

NWA Photo Booth rental company at the venue, Osage House in Cave Springs, Arkansas with beautiful florals, gold sequin backdrop, and specialty neon sign.


Florals are the PERFECT touch to spice up your photo booth! Believe us when we say you will definitely be thrilled with the results of florals paired with your photo booths backdrop of choice.

There are several floral companies that we really enjoy working with! Some are:

Having an immersive photo booth experience is highly suggested. Your guests will love the eye candy art, making your event remembered for years and years to come!

Print Templates

Prints are THE WAY TO GO. And yes, OF COURSE we will send you the image via text as well! We are the whole package.

Side Note: Where to put your booth

This is some MUCH needed information that some of our customers forget about. The placement matters!

We prefer for our clients to place us in/under a weather proof shelter. If placed outside, there needs to be something over the booth and backdrop protecting it from the elements.

We HIGHLY recommend placing the booth in a PRIME location that your guests will be near or around through the event. For most events, we recommend placing us near the dance floor, DJ, or bar. POSITION absolutely matters. You have invested a pretty penny into your party, you for sure want to watch your guests enjoying the booth!

NWA Photo Booth is using extra lighting to make sure the images taken are of the highest quality possible. This image of the photo booth rental was taken at a wedding at Kindred North in Centerton, Arkansas with a gold sequin backdrop and printer.

A printed 2x6 photo strip with two images, hedge and white flower floral wall, and Better Together neon sign at a wedding in Northwest Arkansas where the photo booth was rented.

Watch the Photo Booth Come to life!

Finally, the best part of it all, enjoying your beautiful photo booth. Although we aren’t just limited to the wedding industry, wedding photo booths are some of the most popular rentals within our business.

Weddings are a time to celebrate your love and commitment with all of your closest family and friends. They are a day (or sometimes multiple days) full of laughter, tears, happiness, and love. Capturing all those emotions through photos is a must! And what better way to do that then by having a photo booth at your wedding.

THIS IS A MUST FOR ANY EVENT. Your guests will be able to let loose, have fun, and be themselves while also getting some amazing photos to take home with them. We guarantee you will not regret having a photo booth rental at your wedding.

Not only are photo booths a ton of fun for your guests but they also make for some great entertainment during down times at your wedding or events, or when they need a break from hours of tearing up the dance floor.

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