NWA Photo Booth: Question’s To Ask A Photo Booth Company Before Hiring them

Are you looking for renting a photo booth?! Want to know what you should be looking for when hiring a photo booth company? Well we are here to help!

From how many events they’ve done to extra lighting, you want to make sure you know the small but HUGE details there is to the booth. Ensuring you are getting the best service for your special night is SO so important an we are here to help you with all the ins and outs!

The quality of your service is just as important as the quality of your photos and a good booth will bring you both! Having a photo booth plays a big role in keep sakes from your night and memories you don’t want to forget. It is NECESSARY to have the best booth to have the best time!

How Many Events Have You been hired for?

We here at NWA Photo Booth we have done 100+ Events! Beyond that, one of our owners, Kait Jackson, is a seasoned wedding photographer. She understands the importance of an event & having picture perfect moments and having the ability to print your photos INSTANTLY.

This is something IMPORTANT to ask your photo booth vendors! Having done so many events, we have worked out the kinks that come with the photo booth.

This isn’t our side job at NWA Photo Booth. This is our full time job. We invest in EVERY event do, take something away from it and come out better than the events before.

You want for your event vendors to take their jobs seriously. This is your big day. You only get to do it once, so it needs to be perfect and flawless. We get it. And we are here to do just that!

NWA Photo Booth is set up at a 70th birthday surrounded by gold and orange balloons and a gold sequin backdrop

Do You Use Extra Lighting?

We DO! For our Party Booth but we use LED wand lights. We do this because the more light that is on the subject the crisper and more clear your photo will be! We strive to provide the best images possible with our booths. With extra lighting, you get that!

On our Grandeur Booth is has an external flash built in! This ensures that all of your photos are bright and crispy.

Using external light is a must for us. In order to bring the BEST experience and product, the external light has to be there. Plus, they help jazz up your backdrop during the times the booth is not being used (which is nearly never) with a color that matches your decor!

SURE – not having external lighting will still give you a good time, but it won’t give you the best product. And those little strips of paper being printed off mean the world to you and your guests, so we are going to make it count!

NWA Photo Booth is using extra lighting to make sure the images taken re of the highest quality possible

What Backdrops Do You Have avaliable?

We have 13 backdrops available currently!

  • Black Geo
  • White Geo
  • White
  • Black
  • Black Marble
  • Grey Marble
  • Pink/Orange Ombre
  • Pink/Orange Paint
  • Silver Sequin
  • Gold Sequin
  • Black Sequin
  • White Roses
  • Cream Boho Rose
  • Pink Flowers
  • Garden Hedge with White Florals on Top

We invest in our backdrop options to make sure your event is custom to your needs/theme/ & design! Have a suggestion? Let us know!

We know the importance of being able to customize your event to match your decor! We are not JUST A PHOTO BOOTH company that comes with the booth. We want to make sure you have option to dress up this area of your event the way you want it. Aesthetics are important and we realize that.

NWA Photo Booth is in front of one of our luxury floral walls at an event in Northwest Arkansas

What Companies Work Well With Your Booth?

YES YES YES! ALWAYS ASK A VENDOR THIS QUESTION! We love working with vendors that we know and communicate well with. This not only helps us, but it helps YOU too! When your event collaborate and collaborate well, it takes any event to the NEXT LEVEL when it comes to service.

We work with so many fellow local businesses to make our photo booth AMAZING. First of all, we work with a handful of balloon artists!

Several include:

Bubbly Bashes

Confetti NWA

Social Butterfly

We also work with a few florists to make beautiful arches for our backdrops!

Our favorite Is

Darling Blooms

NWA Photo Booth is surrounded by a floral instal from Darling Blooms in Northwest Arkansas
Floral pieces are by Darling Blooms

If you are wanting to take your photo booth experience to the next level, we highly recommend adding a balloon garland or floral pieces to your booth!

NWA Photo Booth is a premier photo booth company located in Northwest Arkansas. They are equipped with multiple booths, backgrounds, and recommendations to make sure your photo booth experience is the best it can be! Please feel free to leave questions or comments about this blog and we will get in touch ASAP! If you are looking to rent a photo booth we highly suggest vetting the company you’re interested in before hiring them.

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